Our vision is to be a Caring Cooperative Christian Community.
We welcome everyone to share our joy and fellowship.  We celebrate the Good News and dedicate ourselves through ministry and outreach, with special focus on youth.
Sunday 10:30 a.m.

Children's Program and Nursery

7 Erie Street North
PO Box 247
Ridgetown Ontario
N0P 2C0

church office email:

Office Hours:
Mon, Wed & Thur 9:00am-2:00pm

Community Prayer Cycle
As Christians, we are called to pray for and support one another in our work for Jesus Christ. In our various ways, we seek to glorify God, tell the good news of Jesus, and live as reflections of God’s love in Christ. 
Please join us in prayer for Emmanuel Congregational Church.

What's New: 
Official Board meeting Sun, Feb 24 at 8:30am

2019 Envelopes, Annual Reports, Greeting calendar acalendar and tax receipts are available to pick up. and