Our vision is to be a Caring Cooperative Christian Community.
We welcome everyone to share our joy and fellowship.  We celebrate the Good News and dedicate ourselves through ministry and outreach, with special focus on youth.
Sunday 10:30 a.m.

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Community Prayer Cycle
As Christians, we are called to pray for and support one another in our work for Jesus Christ. In our various ways, we seek to glorify God, tell the good news of Jesus, and live as reflections of God’s love in Christ. 
Please join us in prayer for Erie Street United Church.
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​Each week there is a worship video, including prayers, scripture, music and a message. The video can be viewed on Vimeo (which is much like YouTube, but without any ads), which will open in your browser when you click the link.

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Take Care of Each Other.

Message from Rev. Judith
Dear Friends,
We are familiar with the Ten Commandments. It’s a list of all the dos and don’ts laid down by God. That’s how we often see it

But really what they mostly are is about how to live together in a healthy and safe community. They are all about trust. Trust God. Trust that God is with you, wants the best for you, can be relied on. And then you don’t need other gods like wealth, might, and powerful leaders. Trust your family, care for each other–parents care for children, children care for parents. Trust one another–that no one will cheat or steal or harm or try to take what you have and hold dear. Care for each other in your community. Care for yourselves (that’s one of the gifts of Sabbath.)

We have had to rely on trust quite a lot over the past few months. More than ever, we know that trust is essential to have a safe and healthy community. We want to trust our leaders and medical people, trust other people to behave in ways that keep us safe, trust that we are being given good information. More than ever, we need to able to trust one another.

As followers of Christ, we know that trust is one of the gifts we receive. But trusting God is not always an easy thing. Well, we know we should, but everything around us makes that challenging. Someone mentioned that over the past week or so, many of us have “hit a wall”—we have been in isolation and functioning under emergency conditions for almost two months and we have no idea how long things will go on. We get edgy and irritable; we feel down; we wonder, “how long?” 

I have been among that number. You want to be upbeat and look for the silver lining, but sometimes it just takes too much energy. 

That is when you call upon your resources—for me they are things I “save” in my memory to pull out when needed and they are more plentiful than I would think: words from a 90 year old reminding me that this will pass and things will be okay (actually I have heard these words from a number of older folk); an unexpected card in the mail full of encouragement; someone offering help I didn’t even know I needed but realized was a complete gift; songs that lift me up; friendly voices on the telephone; reading scripture; spending time in quiet prayer and thoughtfulness; feeling the warmth of the sun of my face.

Jesus said, “I am with you always.” Try to remember that. Believe it. Look around you for all the moments that remind you of his presence. Trust in God’s love. When it’s hard, pull out your saved moments and spend some time with them.

Thank you all for being such a wonderful community and family of faith.
                                                                                                                    Rev. Judith
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